Experience Mode

Horizon Land is an aggregator, a community using natural economic systems that can revolutionize VR Mode (1st-person) and Third-Person Point of View experiences on a virtual world scale. Thanks to this system, Horizon Land represents a solution that meets the needs of different users, corresponding to different market segments.

Coming to Horizon Land Metaverse, users can experience it in two ways for free:

  • Third-Person Point of View (3rd-person mode): experience directly on the computer, control the character to Visit - Entertain - Enjoy - Relax - Do business as users want.

  • VR Mode (1st-person): VR mode through virtual reality glasses can elevate the 3rd-person experience to view a more beautiful, real virtual reality space from the transforming into NFT characters.

Creators can participate in building, and improving the user experience in Horizon Land Metaverse, and get rewarded with a small fee which is extracted from Horizon's development capital.

Some activities become more exciting through that such as the AR experience when buying NFTs, moving by vehicle, viewing land, or down to the smallest detail in the Horizon Land Metaverse, etc.

Horizon Land aims to provide a unique, free augmented reality engine that allows you to experience immersive, contextual VR Mode quality in your surroundings. Users can experience all of the above technology platforms completely free of charge.

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