Horizon Land System includes:

  • Smart contracts contain decentralized applications running on Blockchain Network

  • Database S3 stores asset content, data from decentralized applications for censorship

  • Backend services to read data from Blockchain, censor asset content, support APIs to communicate with Client

  • Wallet Connection integrated with Metamask and Trust Wallet

  • Client includes: Development Tool, Horizon Dapp and Horizon Land Metaverse

Technical Stack:

  • Smart Contract: Solidity.

  • Backend: NodeJS.

  • Dapp: ReactJS.

  • Horizon Land Metaverse & Development Tool: Unity 3D.

Main processes handled:

  • Users can create new digital assets and upload them through the Development Tool. System will censor asset content, tokenize digital assets and record user ownership

  • Horizon Land Metaverse will read digital asset content and add assets to metaverse space

  • Horizon Dapp will read digital asset content and add it to NFT Marketplace

  • Users who spend to use features or participate in Defi in Horizon Land Metaverse or Horizon Dapp will interact with smart contracts through browser. Metamask acts as an intermediary, providing the web3 protocol to perform transactions.

  • Sell ​​NFT: user submits NFT sale request with NFT's configuration, backend will perform order creation with smart contract

  • Buy NFT: user sends a request to buy NFT, backend will provide a signature to authenticate transaction, user brings signature to sign smart contract. Terms of NFT ownership transfer and NFT sale money transfer will be made instantly.

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