By using the getEvents function, you can retrieve a comprehensive list of all activities related to your asset, including minting, transferring, and more. This function provides valuable information to potential buyers, allowing them to make informed decisions about purchasing your asset.

Get list events

const opts = {
  'chainId': "56", // {String} Chain ID
  'tokenAddress': "0x88Ef499ab1688DE727c21f1b72fAaEe1A3F455AD", // {String} Token address
  'tokenId': "1", // {String} Token ID
  'maker': "0x0dD768A47eA2395bbE5574E3252505fe1202C4A8", // {String} Maker address
  'taker': "", // {String} Taker address
  'type': "tranfer", // {String} Type of event
  'limit': 50, // {Integer} Limit
  'page': 1, // {String} Current page number
  'orderBy': "created_at", // {String} Property to sort by
  'direction': "desc" // {String} Direction to sort

const result = await client.getEvents(opts);

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