What is Horizon Network?

At Horizon Network, we have created a platform that allows builders to create their own metaverse in a decentralized way. This means that transactions are fast and secure, and everyone has control over their own assets. We offer 3D engine, AI assets creation tools, and 3D marketplace to make the process easy and accessible. Our goal is to create a fairer system that empowers individuals and businesses.

If you're interested in developing on the blockchain, we recommend understanding these key web3 concepts to power up your skills.

Assets Creation AI Tools

  • Our Assets Creation AI Tools can help you unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life! With our powerful AI systems, you can generate amazing 3D assets just by describing them in text or providing a 2D image as input. These tools break down the barriers of traditional 3D asset creation and make it accessible to anyone.

Build metaverse in hours with APIs

  • Building your own metaverse has never been easier! Our user-friendly APIs and SDKs make it possible to create and launch your own virtual world in just a few hours. You can access all the features you need, including an NFT Marketplace, Map, Land, NFT Facilities, and 3D World Engine. With our simple tools, you can make your vision a reality and get your metaverse up and running in no time!

3D Asset Marketplace

  • This is where you can find premium quality, cutting-edge 3D models for your metaverse in Horizon Network. You can exchange assets with other members and access a wide range of amazing creations. Whether you're building a virtual world, designing games, or working on other projects, our marketplace has the assets you need to bring your ideas to life!

Mint millions of NFTs for free

  • You can now mint millions of NFTs for free on our platform! This means you can easily monetize your virtual properties and assets without any fees on NFT minting. So go ahead and create as many NFTs as you want, and start earning money from your digital creations!


  • Our cross-chain technology makes it easy to transfer any kind of NFTs and tokens between multiple blockchain networks. This means you can move your assets across different platforms and take advantage of the benefits each one has to offer. Our cross-chain technology also facilitates interoperability, making it easy to communicate and interact with other networks. With our system, you have the flexibility and freedom to use your assets in any way you choose, across multiple platforms.

Zero knowledge roll-ups

  • Looking for faster, more secure, and more private transactions? Our zero-knowledge roll-up technology has got you covered! With this innovative solution, you can speed up transactions and enjoy greater levels of security and privacy. Plus, you'll benefit from lower gas fees, which means you'll save money on every transaction. You can trust our technology to keep your transactions secure, private, and efficient, so you can focus on what matters most.

Horizon API

  • This is a user-friendly RESTful API that allows developers to interact with the Horizon Network in a standardized way. Our API gives developers access to a range of blockchain functions that are easy to use and can be integrated into many different programming languages and applications. This makes it accessible to a broad audience of developers. With our Horizon API, you can build amazing blockchain-based applications that are tailored to your needs.

Horizon SDK

  • Horizon SDK provide SDKs for a range of features, making it easy for application developers to execute basic and advanced functionality with different languages and frameworks. With our SDKs, you can focus on building your applications, without worrying about the complexities of the underlying blockchain technology. This makes Horizon Network an ideal choice for building decentralized applications quickly and easily.

Launching NFT

  • Ready to launch your NFTs? Horizon Network is here to help! Our platform offers a powerful solution for creating and launching NFTs, with unique benefits for both creators and collectors. Whether you're an artist looking to showcase your work or a collector looking for the next great addition to your collection, our platform has everything you need to get started. With Horizon Network, you can create and launch NFTs that are tailored to your needs, with ease and efficiency. So why wait? Start creating and launching your NFTs today with Horizon Network!

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