Game Center

Horizon Land fosters the development and sustainability of the games industry by equipping players with tools and environments to immerse themselves in various gameplays and the ability to build their own gameplays.

In Horizon Land game center, we have:

Game Stores: for players to entertain themselves: Horizon Land offers free-to-play/play-to-earn metaverse GameFi that excites gamers with vivid 2D & 3D battles, periodic gameplay updates, and multi-play features ... The game’s origins vary from our big gaming studio partners, or even from creators themselves. Not only the creators can benefit from their games, but also players can be rewarded with tokens, NFTs. Horizon Land enables other game titles to join the metaverse. Other game developers are encouraged to integrate their games on the metaverse, approaching a huge database of users in gaming communities.

Streaming in the metaverse: gamers/streamers in the metaverse are encouraged to share their gaming skills/experiences with the community. They can interact directly with their loyal viewers and receive donations based on their performance.

Players in the metaverse will have more options to play and earn from their time, money, and efforts.

A marketplace where you can trade your assets. That could be in-game items that you collected from battles or your own creations.

A creation warehouse where you are free to bring your ideas to life. We equipped creators with tools and environments to create assets and gameplays, then use them in the metaverse or bring them to the marketplace to share with others, etc.

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