Creators are those who create new assets and gameplays, which requires them to acquire a portion of LANDS (it could be owned or rented by them). With our development tools, they can create new assets and gameplays, and monetize them in the metaverse or on exchange. The bigger their LANDS are, the more development features they will have to create more valuable NFT assets and gain more rewards.

In addition to the rights of Landowners, Creators also possess the following benefits:

  • Experience products and services in Horizon Land.

  • Create new NFT assets and get distribution revenue from selling it.

  • Create more gameplay and get distribution revenue from gameplay generated.

  • Trade LANDS, in-game items, fashion items, music items on marketplace.

  • Participate in staking, farming, lending to receive interest.

  • Have the governance right to vote for important updates in the metaverse.

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