Players in Horizon Land metaverse can start by having an NFT Avatar, and get immersive entertaining experiences:

  • Play-to-earn various game genres in our game center.

  • Purchase LANDS, become Landowners to unlock advanced features (such as development tools to create new assets and gameplays, … ). They can build on their land or rent it out to other players and receive interest.

  • Stay connected with their friends with many social activities: follow, chat, join events, visit their friends’ LANDS, …

  • Unlock advanced features to gain more chances to win rewards/tokens, players will need to pay to upgrade their LANDS or in-game assets with buildings, skins, weapons, boxes, … or pay entry fee to join competitive contests to win big rewards.

  • Immerse in the virtual world with VR technology integrated into the metaverse.

  • Trade their assets/LANDS on the marketplace/ exchanges.

  • Participate in staking, farming, and lending to receive interest.

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