We can use the getStatistics function to list the top collections with the highest trading volume, most number of transactions, or the collections that are currently trending on the Horizon Marketplace. This function provides valuable insights into the most popular collections and helps users identify potential opportunities in Horizon Marketplace.

Get statistics

const opts = {
  'chainId': "56", // {String} Chain ID
  'period': "24h", // {String} Period to get statistics for
  'isTrending': 1, // {Integer} Trending flag. 1: trending, 0: not trending
  'limit': 10, // {Integer} Limit
  'page': 1, // {String} Current page number
  'orderBy': "volume", // {String} Property to sort by
  'direction': "desc" // {String} Direction to sort

const result = await client.getStatistics(opts);

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