LAND in the metaverse

Users can purchase or bid LANDS in Horizon Land to become Landowners.

LANDS in the Horizon Land metaverse are virtual tokens (using the ERC-721 standard for NFTs), representing physical ownership of the user’s territories.

As an owner of LANDS, users can build on, decorate, rent out, or trade their LAND. The better place your LANDS are in the metaverse, the more valuable your LANDS will be.

The Horizon Land Metaverse is based on a map of 211 750 LANDS (550*550). Every LAND comes with a set of prebuilt terrains, but it can be terraformed and modified by the USER who owns it (or rents it).

There are several options of LANDS size that users can choose from: 1*1 square blocks, 2*2 square blocks, 3*3 square blocks, 4*4 square blocks, 5*5 square blocks. Landowners can merge several blocks into a larger one.

A Landowner will also become creators who are able to create and monetize new assets (NFTs) and gameplays.

The Horizon Land metaverse is a mysterious area, including three continents and one archipelago. Horizon Land has large cities with completed resources for users to exploit and experience. Users can use their land for their purposes, lend them out, or trade them for benefits.

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