Horizon Center

When attempting to transport a person into another world, especially the metaverse world, one of the most critical factors is still providing them with a realistic experience. Horizon Land brings players into an immersive parallel world where they are able live their full lives and run their world-scale businesses.

Construction of public works in Horizon's public areas includes museums, central parks, and squares. Details:

  • Public works: museum, finance center, …

  • Public events: exhibitions, entertainments, …

  • Transportations: Cars, buses, …

  • Gaming events: arenas, game launches, etc.

  • Ticketbox

  • VR Mode

Advertisers can place their logo, branded artworks, videos, … in the Horizon Land metaverse to expose their images to the community. The fee will be set by the owners of the LANDS on which the advertisement is placed.

Besides, advertisers can organize their own events in the areas which get the most traffic in the metaverse to attract users’ attention, and draw traffic to their place or call them to do any actions.

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