Horizon Land uses Binance Smart Chain, after considering many advantages of the network it is very suitable for the project:

  • High applicability: BSC is an EVM Blockchain, inheriting many achievements from Ethereum: supported by a large developer community, full of token standards, solutions approaching latest perfection and infrastructure is updated almost fastest.

  • Popular: Binance Smart Chain is known as a large Blockchain Ecosystem, many projects choose to build Dapp based on BSC. This opens the door to Horizon's huge cooperation opportunities, allowing us to connect with many partners in the same ecosystem to grow our projects.

  • Saving: transactions are made on BSC with very low gas, ranging from 0.1 USD - 0.5 USD depending on complexity of smart contract calculations. This cost compared to gas fees of other networks is already much cheaper. With the goal of targeting the majority of crypto users, building a system based on Binance Smart Chain will save a lot of money for users.

  • Powerful Processing Capacity: the BSC network possesses an average processing capacity of 3 seconds/block. Transactions on Dapp will be confirmed faster. Transactions take place continuously, buying - selling and sending - receiving in large volume, users experience will not be interrupted because of long waiting.

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