We use BSC as foundation for our implementation of BEP1155 and BEP721, any platform/wallet that supports these 2 token standards will be able to test and use our ASSET. Tokens represent users' digital assets, tokens are issued according to standards of Blockchain Network and through smart contracts established by Horizon. BEP721 Token recognizes asset content as unique, sole ownership of users. And BEP1155 is used as a solution to ensure asset integrity, ownership and is available in limited quantities. 2 types of digital assets based on BEP721 and BEP1155 standards are created by users, compatible with other NFT markets for users to buy, sell and send at will. Horizon will be divided into 3 types of tokens:

  • ZON: currency used throughout the system. Users who own ZON can pay for services in Horizon Land Metaverse, buy - sell and trade NFT digital assets, participate in financial products: staking, farming, lending to receive interest

  • LAND: world is created in Horizon, this is base asset

  • ASSETS: buildings, structures, items, resources created by users

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