Fetching Asset Listing on Marketplace

The following call will retrieve an Asset Listing from a specific tokenId and assetContract:

const asset: Assets = await client.getAsset(assetContract, tokenId)

Get owner of Asset on blockchain

const opts = {
  tokenAddress: asset.assetContract,
  tokenId: asset.tokenId,

const owner = await client.getAssetOwner(opts);

Make an offer

After verifying asset owner, you can make an offer to buy the asset

const offer = {
  "price" : 0.01,
  "endTime" : "Wed Mar 01 2023 20:48:16 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)",
  "assetId" :

const offer = await client.createOffer(offer);

If seller accept your offer, you will get notification on email. You can get list order to watching the offers that accepted



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